.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes
.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes
.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes
.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes
.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes
.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes

.25 ounce / 7 g Paper Lip Balm Tubes

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Introducing the ultimate solution for handmade cosmetics: our renewable, durable, and user-friendly Kraft paper tubes. These tubes redefine eco-conscious packaging, offering a seamless blend of sustainability and functionality.

What sets our tubes apart is their strength. Lined with a vegetable wax paper lining, they are fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. This innovative lining creates an oil-proof shield from the outer paper, ensuring the integrity of your precious cosmetics.  Our brown kraft outer paper is 100% recycled, and white and black tubes have recycled content.

Lightweight and easy to use, our containers feature a convenient disc at the bottom, easily pushed up with a finger for seamless product dispensing.

Say goodbye to the ugly diagonal seams of other paper tubes that tend to unravel with daily use; our design has a elegant vertical seam.

To make your transition to plastic-free even smoother, we include foolproof filling instructions with every purchase.  Our commitment to sustainability extends to our shipping materials -- all orders are shipped in recycled, compostable packaging.

Please note: We measure volumes in mL and fluid ounces. The weight of your unique product within the container may vary slightly.

Key Dimensions:
- Inner diameter: 18mm (3/4")
- Outer diameter: 22mm (7/8")
- Total outer height: 51mm (2")
- Total inner height: 40mm (1-5/8")
- Height of base with lid off (includes neck): 42mm (1-11/16")
- Outer lid height: 17mm (11/16")
- Outer base height (from the bottom of the tube to lid line): 32mm (1-5/16")
- Top of lid diameter (for sticker): 15mm (5/8")
- Circumference: 73mm (2-7/8")

And for those seeking an extra layer of resistance to oils, our White option boasts a thin coating of PLA bioplastic on the outside.  Keep in mind that PLA is only commercially compostable, not home compostable.

Fun fact: These tubes are almost identical in size to the popular 1/3 ounce container, but about 20mm / .75" shorter and 1mm wider.

Ready to embrace eco-conscious cosmetics? Join us in making a positive impact on our planet, one paper tube at a time.