.25 ounce / 7 g Mini Paper Shaker Tube
.25 ounce / 7 g Mini Paper Shaker Tube

.25 ounce / 7 g Mini Paper Shaker Tube

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$12.00 USD

These miniature paper shaker tubes are made of recycled brown kraft paper and lined with food grade vegetable wax. The perfect pocket or travel size for make-ups, or used as a small container for a spice blend, glitter, or powder. Just fill your product inside the tube, put in the tight-fitting shaker insert, cover with included sticker and lid. It is very difficult to remove the shaker insert after filling, so be sure to fill your product inside first!

These are a great eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to a plastic powder container. Several other compostable containers made of recycled paper available in our shop and website. We ship in recycled, compostable packaging.

Please note - The volume is measured in mL and fluid ounces. The weight of unique product the container holds may vary slightly.

21mm / 0.8" - inner diameter

25mm / 1" - outer diameter

42mm / 1.6" - total outer height

25mm / 1" - total inner height

32mm / 1.25" - height of base with lid off (includes neck)

15mm / 0.6" - outer lid height

26mm / 1" - outer base height (from bottom of tube to lid line)

80mm / 3.14" - circumference

*Conventional plastic lip balm tube in photo is for size reference only