.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples
.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples
.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples
.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples
.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples
.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples

.1 ounce / 3 g Micro Paper Jars for Samples

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Are you searching for a packaging solution that not only showcases your product samples but also reflects your commitment to sustainability? Look no further than our eco-friendly 3g Kraft Paper Jars. These jars are more than just containers; they are a statement of your dedication to the environment.

Sustainability at its Core: Our Micro Paper Jars are designed with the environment in mind. They feature a plant-based, vegetable wax paper lining that not only enhances their durability but also makes them fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. This innovative lining forms an oil-proof barrier, safeguarding the outer paper fromĀ oil staining.Ā  The outer brown kraft paper is 100% recycled and FSC certified.

Ideal for Samples: These jars are the smallest in our collection, even smaller than our Mini Paper 0.15 oz Jars (see photo for size comparison). They are the perfect choice for filling with samples of your products, providing a plastic-free way to present your offerings to customers.

Easy Access and Secure Closure:Ā The tight-fitting lid slides on and off with ease. While they are not airtight, these jars offer excellent closure, making them suitable for various solid and semisolid products. Whether you're using them for cosmetics, skincare, or other sample items, these jars keep your products safe and secure and the lids will not come off in a purse or pocket.

Lightweight and Durable: Unlike fragile glass containers, our Micro Paper Jars are lightweight and durable, making them an excellent choice for both traveling and shipping. Their robust construction ensures your samples reach their destination intact while reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Detailed Dimensions

  • Inner Diameter: 16.6mm / .58"
  • Outer Diameter: 20mm / .8"
  • Total Outer Height: 20mm / .8"
  • Total Inner Height: 9mm / .35"
  • Height of Base with Lid Off: 15mm / .58"
  • Outer Lid Height: 14.5mm / .57"
  • Top Lid Diameter (for sticker): 14mm / .54"
  • Circumference of Lid: 65mm / 2.5"

Size Reference: The conventional plastic lip balm tube shown in the photo is for size reference only.

OurĀ volumesĀ areĀ measured in mL and fluid ounces, and the weight capacity may vary slightly for different products.

Choose our Micro Paper Jars for an eco-friendly, sustainable, and visually appealing packaging solution that aligns with your brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. Elevate your product samples and make a positive impact on the planet with these innovative Kraft paper jars.

Ready to Make the Change? Order now and join us in making sustainable choices for a greener future. Take the first step towards eco-conscious packaging and show your customers that you're committed to both quality and sustainability. Together, we can create a better world, one jar at a time.