.3 ounce / 8.5 g Natural Kraft Lip Balm Tubes
.3 ounce / 8.5 g Natural Kraft Lip Balm Tubes
.3 ounce / 8.5 g Natural Kraft Lip Balm Tubes
.3 ounce / 8.5 g Natural Kraft Lip Balm Tubes

.3 ounce / 8.5 g Natural Kraft Lip Balm Tubes

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Introducing our exceptional push-up lip balm tubes, meticulously crafted from renewable, sustainably-sourced kraft paper. These tubes redefine eco-conscious packaging, offering a harmonious blend of durability, ease-of-use, and elegant design.

The exterior showcases a rich, earthy brown, while the interior radiates pure, clean white. But it's the inside that truly shines. Lined with a plant-based, wax paper that's fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable, these tubes create an impenetrable oil-proof shield, ensuring your lip balm stays pristine. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of diagonal seams that tend to unravel with daily use; our seamless design guarantees long-lasting elegance.

Our tubes boast a generous capacity of 0.33 oz., surpassing standard plastic lip balm tubes that typically hold just 0.15 ounces. We take precision seriously, measuring volume in mL and fluid ounces. Filling them is a breeze, thanks to a disc at the bottom, about the size of the average pinky finger.

Key Dimensions:
- Inner diameter: 16.7mm (5/8")
- Outer diameter: 20.5mm (13/16")
- Total outer height: 73mm (2-7/8")
- Total inner height: 59mm (2-5/16")
- Height of base with lid off (includes neck): 64mm (2-7/8")
- Outer lid height: 20mm (13/16")
- Outer base height (from the bottom of the tube to lid line): 53mm (2-1/16")
- Top of lid diameter (for sticker): 14mm (9/16")
- Circumference: 66.5mm (2-5/8")

As an added bonus, we provide foolproof filling instructions to simplify your experience, and our dedication to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is shipped in recycled materials.

Ready to embrace the beauty of sustainable lip care? Join us in making a positive impact on the planet, one paper tube at a time.

Secure your Kraft Paper Push-Up Lip Balm Tubes now and elevate your lip care routine – Take action today!