Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GreenWay Containers located?

We are a family business located in a small town in Oregon, USA, and established in 2017.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world.  International shipping rates are given at check-out.  Shipping costs are shown when beginning the checkout process (you do not need to complete the transaction).

Can I try samples first?

Sure!  You can try up to 5 samples free if you cover the shipping cost.  If you need a few more than that, we can offer you wholesale pricing for additional samples -- please contact us with your location and what you'd like in your custom sample pack.

Can you make custom sizes?

Yes, we can make any size cylinder-shaped tube in any color, with or without custom printing.  Just ask!

Can you print directly onto the tubes?

Yes!  The minimum quantity for custom printing or custom sizes is 100 pieces, but prices become economical for most businesses at around 250 pieces per design.  However, we are happy to provide quotes for any quantity.  Lead time is about 4 weeks for all custom containers.  Please provide the required information on our "Custom Container" page for quotes.

Do your containers comply with EU packaging requirements for cosmetic and food products?

Yes! Please click here to view our Food and Cosmetic Safety Documentation.

Can I use these containers for my water-based cream/lotion?

Our paperboard containers are not recommended for any products containing water.  Since the containers are not airtight, the water will slowly evaporate, drying out the product.  The containers are designed for oil-based products,  powders, non-liquid food and herbs, candles, and many other products.

Do you have filling trays?

Sadly, not yet.  The outside of the tubes are uncoated paper, and a conventional filling tray would soil the outer edge of the tube during the pour-and-scrape method used with filling trays designed for plastic tubes.  We are working on a solution to this, and if you have any ideas, please let us know!

Until then, we recommend filling lip balm tubes with reusable glass droppers/pipettes, and larger tubes with small beakers or measuring cups.

How do I fill my tubes?

Here are a few tips for filling your tubes:

  • If using paper containers for the first time, it is recommended to test a few out first before filling all of them.
  • Using a chopstick or similar utensil, make sure the push-up disk at the bottom of each tube is pushed down and seated firmly with the white, wax side up.
  • For best results, keep your first pour temperature at the lowest temperature possible (140°F/60°C or below) and only fill about 10% of the way. Let it semi-set before filling the rest of the way at a hotter temperature.
  • Use a small beaker or dropper/pipette to avoid soiling the outside of the tubes.
  • To avoid an indent in the middle, fill up in stages.
  • If lids are ill-fitting, switch the lids with other tubes.  If some lids are still too loose, dip the neck of the tube (the area that the cap slides onto) into clean water and let try completely on its side.  The lid should fit tighter.
  • Leakage usually occurs during the filling process (if the product is too hot, or they are filled too quickly) or the product has a low melting point and re-melts at some point.
  • Occasionally, some products are either too soft or too hard to be dispensed properly in the tubes which can usually be resolved by adjusting the product recipe slightly.

How do you measure the volume of the containers?

Volumes are measured with fluid ounces and fluid mL.  We measure the volumes by filling the tubes with water on a small scale.  Keep in mind that your weighted product may weigh slightly more or less than the fluid volume listed for the containers.