.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube
.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube
.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube
.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube
.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube
.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube

.15 ounce / 4.25 g Push-Up Lip Balm Tube

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Make a powerful eco-friendly statement with our .15-ounce (4.25 g) Push-Up Lip Balm Tubes which are the same volume as conventional plastic twist-up lip balm tubes. These innovative kraft paper alternatives are not just containers; they are a commitment to sustainability, ready to carry your brand proudly.

Uncompromising Sustainability:
Each tube is crafted from sturdy, eco-conscious Kraft paper lined with vegetable wax, making them not only recyclable but also compostable. Our brown kraft paper is 100% recycled, while white and black contain recycled content, and all of our papers are FSC certified.  Take a step towards a greener future with packaging that aligns with your environmental values.

Push-Up Design for Convenience:
Our tubes feature an extra-thick push-up bottom, ensuring effortless dispensing of lip balm or other products. With a wide 16mm (0.62") diameter, even those with larger fingers will find it easy to dispense - a significant improvement over other small-volume lip balm tubes.

Maximized Product Space:
Just like plastic tubes that fill only half to 2/3 of the container with the product, our paper tube design similarly creates the illusion of more product, enhancing perceived value for your customers. Plus, they hold the same volume as conventional twisting lip balm tubes.

Effortless Customization:
Our kraft paper push-up lip balm tubes perfectly accommodate labels that are 1.75" (45mm) tall and 2.5" (64mm) wide, readily available online. Personalize your product packaging effortlessly, ensuring your brand shines.

Recommendation for Usage:
For best results, leave approximately 1/4" of space in the tube when filled. When fully pushed up, users only need to insert their fingers halfway to dispense the remaining product.

Choose Your Brand's Color:
Available in brown, black, or white, you can select the color that best complements your brand's identity and values.

- .15oz (4.5g)
Our volumes are measured in mL and fluid ounces, and the weight capacity may vary slightly for different products.

Detailed dimensions:

  • Inner diameter: 16mm / 0.64"
  • Outer diameter: 20mm / 0.78"
  • Total outer height: 62.5mm / 2.45"
  • Total inner height: 32mm / 1-1/4"
  • Height of base with lid off (includes neck): 55mm / 2.17"
  • Outer lid height: 17mm / 0.65"
  • Outer base height (from the bottom of the tube to lid line): 45mm / 1.77"
  • Top of lid diameter (for a sticker): 14.5mm / 0.58"
  • Circumference: 64mm / 2.5"

Why Choose Us?
We are passionate about providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging. Our kraft paper packaging allows you to embrace sustainability without sacrificing style. All our packaging is ready for your branding, making it the ideal choice for small businesses and side hustles. Notably, our containers are the first and only retail paperboard containers to meet EU packaging requirements for cosmetics and food products.

Explore the Future of Sustainable Packaging:
Ready to make a change? Connect with us today to explore how our eco-friendly push-up lip balm tubes can enhance your product presentation while leaving a positive impact on the environment. Let's shape a sustainable future together!

Got Questions or Special Requests?
Reach out to us; we'd love to hear from you! Your unique needs and ideas are welcome.

    Please note that the conventional plastic lip balm tube shown in the photo is for size reference only.