5 ounce / 140 g Coated White Paper Jars
5 ounce / 140 g Coated White Paper Jars
5 ounce / 140 g Coated White Paper Jars

5 ounce / 140 g Coated White Paper Jars

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Introducing our versatile paper jars, a blend of elegance and eco-friendliness. These pristine white containers are not only lightweight but also boast a thin, biodegradable coating on the outside, providing extra resistance to oil smudges. Perfect for a wide range of products, they're also available in black and brown variants in our shop, although without the external coating (rest assured, all our containers feature a food grade vegetable wax paper lining inside).

Elegance in Sustainability:
Our paper jars redefine sustainability with style. Lined with a vegetable wax paper interior, these jars are fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. They are the ideal choice for oil-based cosmetics like body butters and creams, showcasing your commitment to eco-friendly product packaging.

Effortless Access:
Opening these jars is a breeze with their secure paper lids, just pull or gently twist upwards. While they may not be airtight, they are perfect for solid and semisolid balms and other non-liquid products, ideal for travel and shipping. Unlike fragile glass containers, these sturdy paperboard jars are lightweight, durable, and surprisingly difficult to crush.

Sustainability at Its Best:
Our jars are not just reusable but also recyclable, ensuring a sustainable lifecycle for conscientious consumers. When you choose our paper jars, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement for a greener, more sustainable world.

Please Note: While we provide precise volume measurements in mL and fluid ounces, the weight capacity may vary slightly based on the density of your specific product.

Key Specifications:
- Inner Diameter: 59.5 mm / 2.3"
- Outer Diameter: 63.7 mm / 2 1/2"
- Total Outer Height: 69.5 mm / 2 3/4"
- Total Inner Height: 52.3 mm / 2"
- Height of Base with Lid Off (Includes Neck): 59.5 mm / 2.34"
- Outer Lid Height: 25 mm / 1"
- Outer Base Height (From Bottom of Jar to Lid Line): 44.5 mm / 1 3/4"
- Top of Lid Diameter (For Sticker): 58.2 mm / 2.3"
- Circumference: 200 mm / 7.9"

Ready to elevate your product packaging while championing sustainability?

Choose Our Coated Paper Jars.