.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar
.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar
.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar
.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar
.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar
.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar

.15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar

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Elevate your packaging game with our .15 ounce / 4.5 g Mini Paper Jar and proudly display your products in an eco-conscious way.  Our mini pots are a superior alternative to plastic or glass, offering a lightweight and sturdy solution that's gentle on our planet.

Eco-Friendly Excellence:
Each pot is meticulously crafted from recycled, FSC certified kraft paperboard, renowned for its eco-friendliness. But that's not all - our Kraft paper pots feature an inner lining made from vegetable wax paper, a material that's fully compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. This ingenious lining creates an oil-proof shield, ensuring your skincare or cosmetic samples remain safe and secure while making a positive impact on the environment.

Sealed with Sustainability:
Our Kraft paper pots come complete with secure paper lids, easily removable with a smooth pull or twist upwards. While these pots are not suitable for liquid products due to their non-airtight design, they are perfect for keeping contents protected during travel and shipping as the lids are tight enough to not fall off in a pocket or purse.

Choose Your Brand's Color:
Available in brown, black, or white, you have the freedom to select the color that aligns with your brand's identity and ethos.  Our brown kraft paper is 100% recycled and white and black both contain recycled content.

- .15oz (4.5g)
Our volumes are measured in mL and fluid ounces, and the weight capacity may vary slightly for different products.


- Inner Diameter: 27.7mm / 1"
- Outer Diameter: 31mm / 1.25"
- Total Outer Height: 21mm / 13/16"
- Total Inner Height: 9.5mm / 3/8"
- Height of Base with Lid Off (includes neck): 15mm / 5/8"
- Outer Lid Height: 15mm / 5/8"
- Outer Base Height (from the bottom of the tube to lid line): 6mm / 0.25"
- Top of Lid Diameter (for sticker): 24.5mm / 15/16"
- Circumference: 96.8mm / 3-7/8"

The conventional plastic lip balm tube in the photo is for size reference only.

Why Choose Us?
We are passionate about crafting eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic packaging and are thoughtful about every step in the supply chain, including shipping them to you in recycled, compostable shipping materials.  Moreover, our containers are the first and only retail paperboard containers to meet EU packaging requirements for cosmetics and food products.

Join the Green Revolution:
Ready to make a sustainable shift in your packaging strategy? Connect with us today and explore how our Mini Kraft Paper Pots and other paperboard alternatives can redefine your product presentation while championing environmental responsibility.

Questions or Special Requests?
We're here to assist you. If you have any inquiries or unique requests, don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!